What to expect from a chemical peel

If this is your first time for a peel don't be nervous. Cheryl Is very cautious for first time peelers or experienced peelers. You might be a little pink for a few hours right after your treatment, but you will be able to put your make-up back on and go back to work. You will feel like something was done for a few hours,  your skin will feel tighter, you will have a nice glow to your skin. If you are going to peel it will happen two days after your peel treatment.

A peel will help fine lines and wrinkles, it will help rebuild your collagen and elastin, lighten sun spots, evens out skin tone, reduces pore size, helps acne and old acne scarring.  It improves the appearance and texture of your skin. Of course these benefits are with a series of peels 4 - 6 peels every two weeks.

Current Specials

Our Glycolic peels medical grade  $100.00 each or a Series of 4 for $375.00

SA PEELS Salicylic Peels by for Acne-prone skin are $100.00 each or a Series of 

4 for $350.00

Jessners Peels by these peels help with exfoliation , fine lines age spots   - $135.00 each or a

Series of 4 $520.00

TCA 25 peel  - this is a medium depth peel!

1 TCA this month is $300.00 or a Series of 

3 for $800

Obagi Radiance Peels  - $135 each or 4/ $500.00

Under Eye and Lip Peel - $125.00 each or 3/$350.00